Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easters!

first things firstly,
i must say happy "Easters" instead of "Easter" ever since Nacho Libre.
i can't help it.

now on to the nitty gritty (also nacho libre's fault)...second:04

Easters at the godard compound started off with some good old fashioned egg dying!
and waxification.
it's a real word. look it up.
i let spence pick an egg kit this year.
so of course he went for the one labeled "Volcano!" eggs.
basically, you hard boil the eggs and then let some wax crayon shavings melt
over the lava.
don't get me wrong, it makes some pretty sweet designs,
but because the eggs need to be hot as blazes for this to work,
there were a few too many choice words mumbled under unnamed person's breath as their hands were scalded to stumps.
j/k (there were still 10 digits).
the masterpieces...
last easter i was a slacker mom and did not do a "big" egg hunt with the boys,
 even though they begged.
so this year, i made up for it and took them to the annual Lake Wilderness Egg Hunt on saturday.
i don't think we will do it again,
but at least now we can cross it off our bucket lists!
it was quite crowded, but somehow we managed to run into our good friends, the stevens!
they have boys the same ages as ours.
 they moved into a different neighborhood last year,
so we see them a little less often now.
h-man wanted so badly to be like the big kids that he stayed right in that spot behind spencer without moving a little toe.
which if you know him, is a huge deal!
once the fire engine horn sounded, the frenzy began...
the two youngest boys made out well,
but poor nate only got 3 eggs in his age group.
there were just too many kids.
on our way home to gorge on the candy,
we ran into old mr. hippity hoppity.
 later that day spence came up to me and said
 "mom, that was not the real easter bunny."
so i of course asked him to explain and he said,
 "i saw some skin...bunnies don't have skin."
 nate couldn't wait to start eating the candy to take a picture apparently.
another first this year was the fantabulous cascarones egg game.
i had heard about cascarones (a.k.a. Mexican confetti eggs)
to say that the boys had a blast would be a serious understatement.
i mean who wouldn't want to chase their sibling around and smack an egg over his head?
ben and I didn't participate this year,
 but i definitely want to get everyone involved next time.
we are totally going to have to turn this into a new godard family tradition!
then easters sunday!
i love doing all the secular stuff the saturday before.
it makes it so much easier for our family to focus on the savior...
and we need that.
 happy easters everyone!
i am so grateful for my knowledge of our savior.
i know he lives.
i know that because of him,
change is possible.
we can start again.
we are worth enough to God that he sent his son to atone for us individually.
no matter how unfair life seems, there is one who understands.


robin marie said...

Cascarones pair very nicely with Easters.

Love H-man's shirt and tie!

Steve and Donna said...

very well said Amber. Love the boys dressed in their Easter clothes. Always handsome :)