Monday, April 21, 2014


 My little man-midget turned two last week!
So rude!
He adds such a sweet little personality to our family.
He is so full of life and just loves exploring his little world.
He is by far the most mischievous, active, and (at times) just plain naughty of all the three boys.
But when I look into those little blue eyes,
all I want to do is kiss his soft little baby cheeks.
I. am. in. trouble.
 It was so fun to do a low-key family party for him this year.
We've always waited until after they turn 3 to start the "friend" parties,
 and it has worked just right for us.
His brothers were more than happy to help him open gifts...
My three little peas.
 I think he kinda understands what a birthday is now, at least the cake part.
He knew the cake was for him (since I let him help me make it). 
He kept saying "Hawisun's bifday cake!"

 This kid loves him some sprinkles.
He was beyond excited for the candles...
 but may need some work on his blowing technique.
Happy Birthday baby boy!
We love you to pieces.
Stop growing.
Just. Stop.


robin marie said...

I love that sprinkle cake! When I was little I called them dee dees. Happy birthday little H man!

Steve and Donna said...

Loved it all :)