Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Amber's Birnday Fiesta

so....let's talk about May.
it is a great month.
not just because it is my birthday month,
but also because we 'mericans celebrate cinco de mayo this time of year.
in case you haven't met me, i kind of like mexican...everything.
growing up in florida kinda endeared me to hispanic culture...and food. 
i was also always secretly jealous of my hispanic friends and
 their quinceaƱera dresses back in highschool.
 eating tacos in poofy ruffles is a legit way to celebrate turning 15.
(or anything for that matter) let's be honest.
so although i did not don a poofy dress o' ruffles, i did eat some tacos, had a pedicure date with spence, and consumed some ice-cream cake, which is almost as good...maybe.
funny story.
ben decided to pick up an ice-cream cake for me this year and told the highschool kid behind the counter what to write on it.
let's just say he was not happy with the cake when he got home.
"happy birnday" to me guys!
 another little nugget of fun for you...
i did a little post-birthday shopping with my mad money and
 found an adorable children's store called Peek.
 it's pretty much my new favorite place...uh...for the kids.
sometimes baby gap just makes me want to cry, but this place was in a word,
they have a section just for children's books. enough said.
that is where i found this little gem.
luchoadores + children's book = amazingness
(see previous easter post lest you be confused)
 here's a little peek...
haha Peek! the store?...oh nevermind.
 since cinco de mayo fell on a monday night this year (aka family night),
 we decided to make some festive lucha libre cupcakes.
the boys were all over this one.
 cutting out the faces...
they were totes adorbs, but too much work for my liking. 
(call me crazy, but rainbow hands and sticky counters for days is just not my thing)
on a side note, ben claims these hats and mustaches are semi-racist.
i disagree.
and yes, i am also a nerd because i bought them.
they are mini sombreros...come on!
 yay for birnday fiestas!


robin marie said...

That book is the cutest thing ever!!! Remind me to show you the lucha libre art I want for little whopper's room when he grows up! As an Arizona native I second your Mexican love. And as one who lived in Puebla (the state where Cinco de Mayo hails from) I totally side with you on the non-racist-ness of your celebration!

Steve and Donna said...

I learn something new all the time. I think celebrating is fun no matter what the occasion! :) thanks for sharing