Saturday, April 13, 2013

there's no turning back now...

I have 3 boys. 
Someone once warned me...
"Just wait, once you start the sports, it never stops."

So we (meaning me) bit the bullet
and Nate started baseball this Spring.
There's no turning back now, people!
I am pretty much resigned to my fate now.
Once I saw the joy in his little face when 
the bat made contact with the ball for the first time
and the high fives he gives his little teammates when they get a run,
I am gone.
The schedule is pretty intense,
lots of late practices and bored brothers to entertain...
keep the goldfish coming!
But we've been making the most of it.
Here is Spence during a typical practice day with his BFF, Henry.
They are pretty much twinners...with a vanilla/strawberry combo.
Love it.

If I survive the season,
I'm sure we will be posting more baseball pictures in the future!

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Steve and Donna said...

so cute- love those grand- boys! :)