Monday, June 11, 2012

Armageddon of all birthdays

So Natey man turned six...on 6/6.
So it was only fitting that we celebrated with the Armageddon of all birthdays.
He kept asking for a space party 
(thanks to a school library book about the universe).
I wasn't going to do much with a new baby and all,
but my mother's guilt took over since I hadn't done a friend party
for him for a couple years.
So heaven help me....I caved.
And we had a party.
Yes, I am certifiably insane.
We started with the sprinkle pancakes...since they are always a favorite.
We opened some gifts before school ...

Thank. you. Spencer.
You made this a classic, 
dare I say timeless shot, we will cherish for generations.
Here are the invites for the shindig.
(And here is where I stole my idea).
We made these "astronaut trainee" shirts with printable iron-on paper.
Coolest invention evah! 
Hehe....They look like I put them all in time out!
Astronaut fueling station...
If I ever regretted not doing a science fair with a replica of the solar system in middle school...
I got over it thanks to this.
The goods.
a.k.a. the favor boxes.
(sshhh..the boxes were free courtesy of USPS...for real..I didn't steal)
My attempt at a moon cake.
And a little store bought goodness for the non-chocolate lovers.
(pure blasphemy)
Here is a little sampling of the astronaut training...
I think I underestimated how umm..."energetic" 7 six year-old boys can be.
I will NEVER make that mistake again. 
Just watch this.

Tranquilizing Aliens with the trusty Nerf gun.
And the Pièce de résistance...

we ended with a rousing game of Pass the Parcel.
(or pahs the pahsal as Nate would say).
It is a little tradition we picked up while living in England.
It was the favorite game by far!

So as crazy as all the boys were, I am glad we did the party.
Nate made some new neighborhood friends,
and I am officially in party retirement.
Ben is happy.


robin marie said...

Super cute! I loved all of your little details! Well done! Especially with a newborn!

Steve and Donna said...

great decorations (wow on the solar system)and the cake- cute! You made a memory for Nate and you will be crazy and do it again! ;)

Coordination Queen said...

Quite impressive! Makes me want to throw another birthday party... And that is saying a lot.

Amber said... was a lot of work. And Mon, we will see...we will see.

Amber said...


lkalder said...

You've outdone yourself again. What a fun party!! So when are you going to start a party planning business? I'll be your first client (and actually pay you this time). :)

Amy said...

You're a great mom! What a super fun party!

Laura Lauschus Hubbard said...

This is amazing! Will you come throw me a birthday party???

The Thompson Family said...

Very nice Amber!!! You did a great job! I know how much work it is, but it's well worth it. Thank heavens you have 1 year to recover til' the next b-day party ;)

andrea thompson said...

spencer's face=amazing. also can someone say BEST MOM EVER? cause you are. nate is getting so big! and we laugh alike. miss you.