Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy Birthday Batman! Nate turned 5!

We started off the festivities with SPRINKLE pancakes!

The lucky dog got school off for his birthday
since it happened to fall on a term break!
(we are still in school here).

He wanted a
 "Superhero Birthday."
So here is what we did...

I went with a vintage comic book theme.
We just did a family party this year, which took a lot of pressure off.
I still decided to do fun decorations and games though
 so he would feel extra special.

(But mostly because I am a dork and boy birthdays are SO fun!)

We had a ton of left-over boxes, so we decided to put them to good use...
(besides taking up space in the laundry room corner, that is).

Comic book bunting.

I can't take credit for this idea...
but it was too awesome to pass up!

The beverage of champions...or superheros in this case.

Nate saw these when we were looking for party ideas,
and decided we should make them for the kids in his class at school.

They were a big hit.

This is how Spiderman rolls at our house.
Chillin' in front of the tube.

Present time!

These are genuine smiles people!
Enjoy them while they last...

they are sure to be a rarity in future pictures.

Hamming it up for the camera.

Super Nate can leap over buildings in a single bound!

Here is Spence's effort.
He preferred the HULK method of "Smashing" them instead.

Then we decided to be like Godzilla and knock them all down.


...And in honor of Nate's birthday,
and for the sweet love of (1960's) Batman,
enjoy this "vintage" montage of Robin's awesomeness!

Holy Happy Birthday
 Super Nate!
We sure love you!


Amber said...

my favorites...

"Holy rising hemlines!" ,
"Holy un-refillable prescriptions!" and "Holy collection of priceless snudes!"

Steve and Donna said...

all I can say is 'wow' can we put you in charge of all birthdays? You are so creative- I love that artistic part of you :)

Laura Lauschus Hubbard said...

We do sprinkle pancakes too! Your cake and party food was awesome - inspiring, it got the wheels turning about our next party.

Rachel said...

Those sprinkle pancakes are AWESOME! Ben wants a "super" party this year, so I may borrow some of your amazing ideas :)

audrey said...

Amber! Holy Amazing blog! I just viewed nate and Andrea's bdays and I love love love it! You are a great photographer. I love the polaroids and faded look. I wish i knew how to make mine look as cool.

I've decided I want to spend a birthday with you preferably in England just so I can see those holy decorations for myself haha.

Just one Question: where does the inspiration come from? :D