Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the fourth

this year we hunted for a 4th of july parade and found one in issaquah.
i'm not much for parades,
but i still thought i should let my kids come to their own conclusions
of how lame they are.
just kidding. no i'm not.
my inner-child is dead. (it was killed by a parade clown)
 this is pretty much the seen for most of the parade.
lots of waiting...and stuffing candy in to pants.
contrary to the dazed condition these children depict,
i believe they enjoyed it...
if not just for the parade candy and the sugar coma it produced.
 i spy a spencer!
we spent the rest of the day chillaxin', eating bbq,
and blowing stuff up.
here is the mild version...
when the celebrating got a little more intense, harrison
did not approve.
we decided to avoid the crazy crowds and watched the "real" fireworks from our window.
(and take pics with my crappy phone)
nate stayed up as long as his little eyes would let him...
which is a good thing because the fireworks lasted a couple more days around here!

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Linda said...

Thanks for posting this! That picture of Harrison being upset over the fireworks is precious! And I think the pics from your phone aren't bad. I haven't mastered them on my good camera yet!