Wednesday, July 30, 2014

start of summer

figured it was about time i posted what we've been up to this summer so far...
aside from posing in stand-in cutouts...
 we put on our farmin' overalls and picked some berries!
 this guy's method was to pick some...stare at them...and then smash them to a pulp.
which is exactly what he did after this picture was taken.
 man, I love harrison's face in this picture
and the fact that he snuck his harmonica into his overalls front pocket.
little hobo in the making...

once our buckets were full...
 we headed over to the raspberry fields.
 it was a much faster process with the raspberries,
 as they were much more abundant and less picked over than the strawberries.
it was fun watching the boys get so excited.
spencer kept saying "this is much funner than i thought!"
 so what does one do with so many berries
 when your husband refuses to eat all forms of fruit
 you ask?
you make homemade ice-cream and cobbler...
and raspberry tartlets!
brace yourself...there's more!
 we also rode polar bears...
 got accosted by giant she-spiderthings...
(don't make eye contact boys...maybe she won't see you)
 pretended to be super heros at dad's awesome work party...
 played on freaky blow-up slides...
 and took a turn on the swings!
 we have also had the pleasure of visiting the PSC this summer for the spy exhibit!
the boys climbed through air vents, evaded detection through laser fields,
 and got to see real-life spy gadgets.
they were in heaven.
they also didn't mind the dinosaurs...
 and space stuff.
 this last week the boys finished swimming lessons.
they both passed to the next level!
i must say that i was more than a tad apprehensive letting nate back into a pool after the teeth incident (he knocked out both bottom permanent teeth in a pool during memorial day),
but he did great and no more teeth were knocked out!
 here is spence attacking his teacher...
so proud of spence!
he got over so many fears in the water this year!
we love summer in washington!

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Steve and Donna said...

glad the fruit and fun continue ;)