Friday, June 20, 2014

Eight is great

 this kid lucked out this year as his birthday fell on a friday.
which we all know means weekend-long birthday!
woot woot!
his one request was to go to "Bullwinkles."
so we let him invite two friends to go with him on his actual birthday.
yeeeah, i know.
spence had a friend show up too!
 this place is a mini version of heaven for these boys.
 i would rather gouge my eyes out with a red hot poker
 with his baptism on saturday, we did a mini photo shoot beforehand...
aaaand the big day!
the theme was "come unto christ"...
if you can have a baptism theme, that is.
some family that came up for the special day...
then we fed them because baptisms make you hungry.
i don't know if flowers are too girly for a boy baptism,
but i don't care. i do what i want.
they were white.
after all the food prep, i realized i could never be a caterer...
that, and i had no steam left to make a cake.
enter costco.
he requested chocolate, and this is what they had.
(note to self: never get a costco cake again unless feeding 500 people.)
those balloon blobs of frosting were seriously as big as his head.
sugar comas are awesome.
a Thompson/Godard tradition is to gift the baptized child an embossed set of scriptures.
he was so thrilled to get these.
(he has been using my old seminary ones for over a year)
sunday, he impressed me by putting them to use with grandpa.
he was asking all kinds of questions about them and the stories inside.
such a special memory.
thanks for trekking out here for the baptism grandma and grandpa!
and thanks to all the family and friends that came
to be a part of this special memory for this eight year-old!
it was such a magical day!
 oh, and here is the video i put together and we shared at the baptism!
Come Unto Christ!


Steve and Donna said...

so glad to be a part of Nate's special day. The Godards in WA. know how to celebrate!

robin marie said...

Congrats Nate! Amber everything looked amazing! I'm so sad we missed it. I'm glad you did what you wanted because all those flowers were perfect!