Monday, April 21, 2014

Flowers, Fairs and Waterfalls

I have been a neglectful blogger as of late, so here is my attempt to catch up a bit.
 The second week of April, the grandparents came to visit!
We drove up to Skagit Valley to partake in the annual Tulip Festival!
 Spring is truly beautiful here in Washington!
 The boys with their favorite thing ever- flowers! j/k
All they kept asking was "When are we leaving?"
glorious Spring sunshine.
 When we FINALLY finished (as the boys kept saying),
we stopped by a marvelous famer's market in LaConner....
That is, right after we attempted to clean all the mud off Nate after he slipped in a HUGE puddle.

It seriously had the best ice-cream I've eaten in many moons.
Later that week, grandpa, the boys, and I went to the Spring State Fair...
 and watched some Alaskan piglets try to race. It was pretty darn cute.
And of course we got some over-priced elephant ears!
 And no trip would be complete without an awkward photo op with Harrison.
Here he is posed precariously on the engine of a hot rod at the fair's car show.
The look on his face says it all.
It wasn't my idea guys. For real.
 Near the end of the grandparent visit, we ventured out to Snoqualmie Falls.
I love going there.
It is so beautiful every time...except the crowds. They aren't so beautiful.
Apparently, we are super cool and went the same day as the whole Seahawk football team and their families. So it was a bit crazy town after that. Luckily we were already on our way out.
Thanks for coming grandma and grandpa!
We had a blast with you!
Don't stay away too long next time!

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Steve and Donna said...

I would love to see the tulips!