Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Legolicious birthday

someone just got a little older!
guess who?!
and according to the candles, he is now 11!
i decided to step outside the box and make a reese's cake this year
instead of the usual requested "death by chocolate" or ice-cream cake.
i mean, it's reese's!...how can you go wrong with that?
well, that was a birthday fail.
 it was a delicious cake, it was just sooo rich with that peanutbutter buttercream frosting
that it gave ben a mild case of diabetes.
and no one wants diabetes on their birthday.
so i had to eat the entire cake myself. i'm selfless that way.
but i wasn't the only one gorging themselves with sugar.
 ben is a valentine's baby,
so we all partook in the gluttony for both holidays.
his birthday also fell on the 3 day weekend,
so we did some celebrating in Seattle.
we stopped by REI at the birthday boy's request
and later ventured the EMP museum to check out the lego exhibit.
h-man is a pretty big deal over there.
he has his own dang street!
we liked the music vibe
and the guitar tornado
(at least that's what we call it)
and the lego buildings!
we geeks were in paradise...
except when i tried to drag them through the photography exhibit...
but we remedied that by scratching out some sweet vinyl...
two turn tables and a microphone!
and of course we saw The Lego Movie.
Everything was...er...AWESOME!
aaaand since ben is a huge AFOL 
(adult fan of legos)
as apparently brad pitt and david beckham are,
(so it has to be cool)
he got Metal Beard (from the lego movie) from the boys!
he was super excited.
legolicious birthdays are the best.


robin marie said...

Love the Beck shout out.

That cake looks dreamy. I can't let Christian see it! Reese's are his favorite. As are Legos. Why aren't Christian and Ben besties?

Amber said...

yes! I remember Christian's lego collection! i think ben was secretly jealous.