Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven is heaven

It literally feels like I just blogged about Nate turning 6,
and now he is 7!
Man, I am getting old.
Here he is birthday morning. 
He requested the annual sprinkle pancakes!

Lately, he has been really into the Magic Treehouse Series.
He checks them out at his school library every week and 
can't wait to talk about each one he has finished.
It is the cutest thing ever.
So when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday...

Both sets of grandparents got him the first box set in the series.
I have seriously never seen a kid so excited about books!
His little face just lit up when he opened it.
So we are definitely gonna roll with this one....white & nerdy all the way!
Sooooo sometimes I like to pretend I am on Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss.
(except for the goatee or the jersey accent) 
They make some amazing things. 
I like to pretend I could do what they do...which would be false.
(luckily sagging and cracking fondant passes for a "natural" look on trees)
Here is my attempt at a "Magic Treehouse Cake" ...
The trunk is a fondant-covered vase with RKT to add shape. The treehouse is two cake halves covered in fondant.
The first time Nate saw it when he got home from school,
he was like "Wow, that is so cool! But Mom,
 the real Magic Treehouse tree doesn't have a hole in the middle."
Thanks Nate. 
Thanks for keepin' it real.
A close up of said offending hole.
This beast took me 2 days to do.
I wanted to do a special cake since we weren't doing a "friend party" this year.
Plus it was my main gift to him.
My Mom always used to hand-make her cakes,
so I guess I thought I would be cool like her.
I learned two things when making this cake:
1. Fondant has magical properties
2. Frosting is your friend.
(also large man-boys are good with rolling pins...but that's another story)
We also let him pick what he wanted to do for dinner
because frankly I was too exhausted to cook anything after that cake
because you only turn 7 once!
He chose the Rainforest Cafe!
The Crossens drove up to join us for the celebration...
and also because I think they secretly enjoy a good gorilla
chest-beating (or 3) while they eat their meals...
See? She even went up for a closer view.
(You know I love you, right Audrey?)
They sat us under the cosmos this time.
I liked how the cosmic dust changed colors while you ate.

And here was the cutest little monkey in the whole place!

It was a pretty low key birthday...
if you completely ignore the sleepless nights spent thinking about cake decorating
But anything we do is worth it for these little men.
We love you so much, Nate!
Happy 7th!


Steve and Donna said...

I can't even believe that is a cake. Is that possible? Who would want to cut that. I would just want to stare at it for days ( just sayin). Way to pass on the tradition of cake making into the wee hours of the night. Ashley is patiently waiting on me to stop- so I will. :)

robin marie said...

That cake is amazing!!! And by RKT you really meant to say cereal treats since that is what Cake Boss calls them!

Brookel said...

great job on that cake and way to go celebrate at rainforest cafe to give you a break from a birthday dinner too. when i read your title on my blog roll the first thing that came to my mind was that you were pregnant with four babies! :) (probably because eden keeps telling me I could have 2, 3, 4, 5 babies in my tummy) i'm so glad it was not that! Happy Birthday Nate!

Coordination Queen said...

That cake is AMAZING!!! Seriously.

Amber said...

Haha..thanks guys! You are way too kind.

Brooke- I laughed so hard at your comment about the 4 babies! No way that is happening! ;) and Eden saying there could be 2, 3, 4, 5 babies in your tummy reminds me of that toy called "puppy surprise" when we were kids. do you remember those? I think the song went "how many puppies are there inside...there could be 3 or 4 or 5!" hahaha