Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day & stuff

Hello there, frands.
For those who still care about our family or just like voyeurism,
I figured it was time for another post.

i am ashamed to admit that my children often sport this lovely zombie stare while watching movies...
Our mini road trip to Vashon Island was no exception...
I basically begged Ben to get out of the house Memorial Day weekend.
The weather wasn't really cooperating, but after our stint in England,
we've learned to adapt.
We even like a little wetness when we travel...
Not really, but I'm trying to stay positive here, okay?
First things first,
we boarded the ferry to get on the island.
Above is a picture sans ferry and 
then when it actually arrived about 15 minutes later.
Nate on the ferry.
The boys kept telling us they loved us and this was the "best day ever!"
Funny little weirdos. Gotta love 'em.
We got lunch right after we arrived and then drove around and did some exploring.
We decided to go see the Pt. Robinson Lighthouse.
It is techinically on Maury Island and not Vashon...
but who are you, the lighthouse police?
Here is the beach next to the lighthouse...and lots of driftwood.

This is right before Nate busted the keypad lock RIGHT OFF THE DOOR!
Yeah...the lighthouse was locked and Nate really wanted to go in apparently.
Can't turn your head for a second with these boys!
Don't worry, we smashed it back into place so it is "good as new"...ahem.
Ben got the "baby wrangler" job this time.
Spence showing off his new wellies.
We encouraged the boys to run around.
They have an inhuman amount of energy that MUST be exerted,
or there will be suffering...on my part.
Nate is Ben's son.  
That should be enough to explain the faces, right?
In the first look is his "smolder" ...or so he says.
The baby wrangler again.
Harrison really enjoyed his time at the lighthouse carrying around pieces of bark.
It's the simple things in life, people.
This is one of the cute little houses next to the lighthouse 
that you can rent out.
I was totally expecting Marilla Cuthbert to come out 
and welcome me inside for some light refreshment or something.
I'm coming Marilla!
...thanks for a swell time Vashon Island.
(and again, sorry about your lock).


Jana said...

Love the lighthouses in Washington!

Steve and Donna said...

enjoyed looking at your adventure. Have to put that on our check list!