Monday, June 24, 2013

life lately...

Things have been pretty busy around here lately...
We finished out the basball season!
Chasing this guy around and keeping him off the field was a work out!
We were sad to see our baseball buddies go though.

We finished out the school season...
Had field day... clarify, his shirt is NOT blurred out because of naughty words.
It is for safety reasons....mkay?!
It think these two were my favorite to watch...
bouncing ball and the funky chicken course!
Nate had a blast (as the pictures would suggest).
And we had fun watching him...even with a few sprinkles.
(notice Harrison sporting a rug-burn soul's all the rage this season!)
Nate had the sweetest teacher this year.
(Here she above is hula-hooping with the kids.)
We got her an end-of-the-year gift of these little stacking blokes.
She studied in London, and since we shared a soft spot for England,
we thought it would be perfect for her. Aren't they the cutest?!

 We also had another heart check-up...
with good results!
And enjoyed some summer sun in Seattle...
by putting our feet up and taking lots of walks!
 Bring it, summer!


andrea thompson said...

fun to see the boys- brings back memories of your field days at Lake Park. :)

Amber said...

ummm...are missionaries allowed to look at blogs now? or is that you, mom?

andrea thompson said...

it's me sorry- forgot to change over to my name.