Thursday, October 25, 2012

life lately & an update

Not much has been going on around these parts (hence the lack of blogging),
but we have managed to do a few fall things...
- go on a fall walk ü
- pig out on some fall foodü
- watch some Halloween-y moviesü
- carve a pumpkinü
- finish Halloween costumes

(Well, we are still working on the last one...but almost there!)

In other news...
guess who is half a year old?!
WHAT?! When did that happen?
Yep.  The little man is 6 months now!
At his recent Dr. appointment, we learned that our boy is
 a chunker (20 pounder right here),
a midget (50 percentile in height),
 the proud owner of one gargantuan noggin (90th percentile).

Way to grow little man!


1 comment:

Steve and Donna said...

love that last picture of Spencer & Harrison- beautiful blue eyes and they are looking more alike. We miss them!