Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's gettin' fall-a-licious up in hurr players
...and we are lovin' it.
 Isn't it just beautious? 
 so beautiful in fact, that it caused this baby to faint!
we also saw the best marshmallow version of H-man's thighs...
 here's the real thing so you can compare...shocking likeness, no?
 got some good old fall craftin' done...
 And you know it's fall when we see this hedgehog covered bum... is the face that goes with that cutie bum.
 We visited a local patch to get our pumpkin pickin' on...
 The boys wanted to make sure we picked out the perfect pumpkins this year...
 I think I picked the BEST one of all!
So perfectly round and it even came with fuzz!
 Bonus = free hayride
 We LOVE free!'s definitely fall-a-licious in Washington.



Steve and Donna said...

Wish we could have been there :)

robin marie said...

Love that hedgehog bum! And your wreath is so cute!

andrea thompson said...

cute hat on spencer!