Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freak Show

Ben is always saying that it's "like a circus" at our house...
so we decided to make it official this year for Halloween!
Welcome to our freak show.
 We've got a despondent Strong Man, a Mime, an Organ Grinder & his monkey,
and a bearded lady.
Strong Man is still despondent.  
What gives? Oh, right.  No candy yet.
So we went to our church party last night in these get-ups.
Apparently we didn't think the whole eating-in-costume thing through.
Here is Ben trying to eat chili over the unsuspecting little monkey.
Luckily, he didn't become chili covered monkey.
Organ Grinder and Braveheart.
Love it.
And here is our little monkey all tuckered out from a night of performing.

And just for funsies,
here are some other things from our Halloween festivities this week...
Lately Nate has been obsessed with Waldo (or Wally to the Brits)...
so this is what he chose to wear to the Fall Harvest Party at school this year.
(Spence tagged along...for the candy..wink wink).
"Found Him!"
(can you guess how many times we heard that at the party?)

Nate is constantly changing his costume choice for trick-or-treating,
so we will see what he ends up as tonight!

Happy All Hallows Eve everyone!


Steve and Donna said...

very creative and at first I didn't realize Harrison was the monkey (hah)
love your caramel apple pic- have fun tonight :)

Rachel said...

Those are some dang cute costumes!

robin marie said...

you guys were adorable last night!

i loved all your little foods you made! i'll need to get the recipes/instructions on those!

Jill W said...

You guys really were amazing last night! My favorite by far.

D.K. Godard said...

Best family costumes.....ever!

Amy said...

SUPERB choice for your family theme! I love it so much! With the slight (huge) chance of sounding like a creepy stalker...we should be friends in real life!

Amber said...! thanks guys! I hesitated posting pictures for a second because I am such a dork. So thanks for making me feel better about my nerdiness.

I would love to share those recipes with you! Just let me know...

you are not a stalker, unless I am a stalker because I feel the same way when I read your blog! (i just stink at remembering to make comments!)