Saturday, September 22, 2012

the manchild and life lessons from a spoon

Our little manchild reached the 5 month mark last week.

exciting, right?
 Mr. Chubs is just oozing the cuteness these days.
(and by ooze, I mean this is one juicy kid.)
 Let's see...  
At 5 months, the manchild chews (and drools) on anything and everything 
thanks to his new set of chompers on the front row.
He is now feeding himself....
no, just kidding.
But he is sampling the real people food.
So far his faves are sweet potatoes and the sauce (apple variety).
 His best tricks are folding in half and toe eating.
And he can also roll over like a mad man...
(are you picturing a crazy old man rolling around on the floor? no?
well you are now. you're welcome).
H-man may look cute, 
but he is totally being rude and only lets me sleep about 4 hours at a time
(even less at the moment thanks to above mentioned rolling trick).
just. RUDE.

And now for the totally random and unrelated part...about Spoons.
First, let me fill you in on my highly scientific method for choosing my kids'
library books.
It usually goes like this:
step 1: Hmm, what books are within arms reach while I sit here on the library floor? (because I am like a sloth and prefer to move as little as possible. it's true.)
step 2: Judge books by their covers (and the pictures on the inside).
step 3: Skim some pages to see if story/plot would be mildly entertaining to boy-children
step 4:  drop in bag if passes first 3 requirements.

Done and done.

I recently came across this little jewel with my scientific book-choosing method.
It passed all the requirements.
The first thing that attracted me was the simplicity and the artwork.
Then the charming story-line drew me in...
 ...and then I realized, 
I. am. Spoon!
Wait. Whaa?
 Sometimes I don't like who I am.
Sometimes I feel like the grass is greener someplace else.
Then Spoon's mom gave me a spanking...
 and I got a lesson in self-acceptance from a Spoon.
This is DEEP, people.

Perhaps this reveals too much about the inner-workings of my child-like brain, 
or that I have truly lost it, 
(I blame it on above mentioned sleep deprivation from rude baby
who shall remain nameless).
But this book really spoke to me.
I had an epiphany (sp?) this week about myself.

I am unique.  I am special.
And I need to embrace that.

Thanks for the reminder Spoon!


lkalder said...

Amber, you are unique and special! I hope you don't forget that. Why do we beat ourselves up so much? Also, that little guy is so cute and his eyes are absolutely gorgeous! You guys sure know a thing or two about making cute babies.

robin marie said...

Love this post and I need to buy that book. You aren't crazy! I can definitely relate. I always get stuck making comparisons or wishing I had something else or being jealous when others have what I desperately want. I think it is women human nature! I learned from spoon's mom too!

Steve and Donna said...

we always knew you were unique and special but it's good to be reminded and find out for yourself- even through a spoon :)
I think it helped me too!

Brookel said...

you are special and i'm glad you've realized it, even if it was a beautifully simple children's book, :)

Laura Lauschus Hubbard said...

Rock on, Spoon-girl! Remember too, that without the spoon, you could never have a SPORK, the coolest utensil of all.

Jodi said...

That is the cutest story! I think we can all relate to wanting to be like someone else! Just so you know, sometimes I wish I could be as witty and clever as you!;) What is the title of the story? Love ya!

Amber said...

haha...thanks guys! i honestly was NOT fishing for compliments with this revelation. just thought it might help someone else like it did for me!

Jodi- The title is "Spoon." I included a link for the book in the post if you want to know more about it! Isn't it a great book?!

The Thompson Family said...

Oh Amber! Is so not fare that you post those cute pictures of little Harrison. Do you understand how much I wish I can be close by to hold him?? He is so freaking CUTE! I love him. :) And I totally love that book. Very cute post...and of course you are extremely special!! ;)