Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It is passing too quickly. 
Time, that is.
I am reminded every time I pass by a mirror and wonder...
who is that wrinkly lady staring back at me,
with the muffin top, and soft pliable arm fat?
Oh. right. It's me.
But seriously, this week with Nate starting another year of school,
it really hit me how fast this thing called life is going.
To be honest, I felt a bit jipped on my time with him since he started school so young in England,
but it is what it is, because Delorean time machines are not real (yet)
so I can't rewind.
All I can do is try to enjoy the present.
To quote the great Mr. Bueller...(oh yes I am)
"Life moves pretty fast.  
If you don't stop and look around once and a while,
you could miss it."
Break my heart, right?
Just look at those little dimples.
And this little man...
just look at the difference from when we first moved to England, and now!
And don't get me started on this little nugget.
5 months today!
(more on him later)
Anywho, in honor of me being super sentimental and sappy this week,
I went ahead and produced some future blackmail gold...
in the form of kid interviews.
(just go to the bottom to pause the music first)
sorry. let's try that again without the crazy camera-eating baby, shall we?


Steve and Donna said...

I love the boys answers- esp. Spencer
so Ben must feel great being only 20 :)

Coordination Queen said...

Cute boys! I love the video idea... I think I'm going to steal it.

andrea thompson said...

hahahaha that's great.