Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wax was I thinking?

Yes, you can thank my nerdiness for that post title.
See, we have this little boy who happens to be turning 5 next week...
and I did a genius thing, GENIUS I tell you!
And I made a promise...
I promised him that we would take him to see 
the Wax Superheros at Madame Tussaud's in London.

He wanted a Superhero Birthday this year, so it seemed like a great idea.
We were already going down to London town to see my sister
(who is on a study abroad),
 so I figured what was the big deal?
And then I found out...

wax people 
lots of real smelly people 
(packed like sardines) 
a less than "super" experience

Don't get me wrong, ALL the boys loved it.  
But they made you wait until the end of the whole museum before you could see
 the Superheros,
which is a looooong time when that is the only reason you really came
and you literally have to SQUEEZE your way through to get there.

Where were those babies when we needed to get through the crowds?!

Notice how Ben seems to be having just as much fun as Nate...winky wink.

Happy Birthday Super Nate!

And farewell Madame Tussaud's...
get some air fresheners or at least open a window!

p.s.- More from London later and birthday stuff!


1 comment:

Steve and Donna said...

Nate & Spencer look worried in some of those pictures but I'm sure super hero Ben was there to protect them ;)