Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harewood Kite Festival

We wanted to go back and visit the Harewood House the other weekend
 (since we ran out of time last time)...
And to our surprise 
(and lack of preparation),
 they were holding a Kite Festival!

This was one of my favorites because it was so random.  
See the little fish swimming behind him?!

The beautifully manicured grounds of the Harewood.

Here is Nate posing with his greatest accessory....
the cheese grin.  
No Nate photo is complete without one!

See....I told you.

View from the balcony.  Check out those rolling hills.
I need to pull a Jane Austen and run through them some time.

Pwetty Pwetty flowers.

Inside the Harewood...Nate trying on the "servant" garb.

Look at your own risk.....
Apparently these next couple photos are illegal because after I took them
(yeah, I said AFTER) 
the museum staff lady said, "Oh, just so you know, we don't allow photos."
Thanks for telling me! (sarcasm intended)

You scrolled down to see are sooooo naughty!

Don't stare too long...your retinas may burn out!

They had the coolest vintage kitchen...umm...stuff.  

Some posh cricket players as we were leaving.  
I love that they play in knitted WHITE sweaters.
So very English.


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Steve and Donna said...

always a new adventure :)