Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The rock hunt and other adventures...

One thing you need to know about Spencer is
that he LOVES rocks.
Any time we go out, it turns into a rock hunt...

Umm...those are a bit large for your pockets buddy...

Contemplating and lamenting the loss.
Those would have been an excellent addition to his collection, he thought.

These guys often cruise around the block.
The boys love it when they pass by, so I thought I'd snap a pic.
Sorry, I didn't get the camera out fast enough.
So you get a nice bum shot.

Taking time from rock hunting to smell the roses...or peonies, in this case.

A conquest at last!
In to the pockets they go!

He was quite successful on this outing.
Can you see the concentration in those little fingers?

And now for some random flower photos...
I liked this one because it was just growing out of the rocks. 
 That is one hard core flower.

I liked this laundry line, that's all.
I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate me taking photos of their clothes,
don't you?

These cool flowers change colors all season long.
 I think they are orange since I took the photo.
  I want one!

Then later that day,
we went to Valley Gardens.

All the roses were in bloom.

My sweet little man likes to pick flowers for me.

I usually tell him I like the "yellow ones" (a.k.a. dandelions) in our yard.
He doesn't know they are weeds.
Free labor never hurt anyone, right?

This is a very important place.
This is where I get the ice cream.

And we end with a picnic...
before the bananas got all smashed in the blanket.
Ahhh, memories.

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Steve and Donna said...

another fun outing- beautiful weather and flowers :)