Friday, April 1, 2011

from my phone to you

I finally managed to get the pictures off my phone to the computer!
 (i'm not a procrastinator or anything).
 It's way late, but here are a couple of the shots I talked about in this post
 from our little outing to the theatre for
Charlie & Lola
They aren't the best quality since they are from the phone,
 but I thought I'd at least document them since I said I would.

The stage is at the left (made to look like the bedroom) 
and we were sitting in the that gold area to the right. 
 It had really cool carvings and red velvet seats. 
It was a neat experience being in such an old building with so much history.

And here is another one I just found on my phone.
Noooo, I am not falling.
  Spence begged to go to the playground, so we meandered over one afternoon.
I decided to swing by myself, since he is more of a slide man.