Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 for 1 deal!

I got a little pre-Mother's Day surprise today from Nate.
Mum's Day is celebrated in April in England, so I get a two for one deal! 
And what did I receive?  
A picture of flowers and a little note about what "Mummy likes" on the back.
 Yes, that would be an actual photocopy of real flowers.
Not a hand-drawn picture. 
Whatev. made me smile for its weirdness which is a good result anyway right?  

Here is what Nate deemed as what his "Mummy Likes...":

Cleaning up with me     I'm a little OCD, so I'll take that one.

Working with me         What kind of working?...hmmm...

Cleaning the dishes    Not so much.

Making Dinner          I could go either way on that one.  

Looking after me     That depends, have you had sugar?

So there you have it.  Apparently in his little 4 year-old brain, 
I'm a real work horse.  
That, or I need to do a better job of showing him my personality more.
Anyway, Happy Mum's Day to all you lovely ladies with ankle-biters (big or small).



Rachel said...

"Have you had sugar?" Bwahahahaha!!!!

Steve and Donna said...

fun to hear Nate's perspective!