Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In the States we call them "ladybugs,"
but in England we call them

Spence and I went ladybird hunting the other day....
and were quite successful!

I think this was the first time the little man has ever had anything 
crawling on his fingers, 
so he was pretty entertained.

Now go find your own ladybirds....
It is lots of fun, 
trust me.



lisa said...

hey amber! thanks for the comment. i must confess that 'blogstalking' (as i call it) is a hobby of mine and have taken a few peaks at your blog as well haha. its so fun to see your familys adventures and i am a tad bit jealous. ok ok, im extremely jealous! my husband served his mission in birmingham and because i have always wanted to visit england, thats all we talked about on our first date, cheesy but true. anyways, its good to hear your doing well and your boys are too too cute! i love spencers little chubby fingers in these pics with the ladybirds :)

xoxo, andrea said...

glad to see you and Lisa connecting- you both have similar interests :)
Spencer is so cute in those pictures and your photography is great Amber!

Steve and Donna said...

Amber- the comment that says it's from Andrea is actually from me- (sorry) didn't realize it was signing me under her name - but I am using her computer (duh) Forgot I had to sign in.