Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pre-Christmas Fun

Nate was super excited to pick out a Christmas tree this year. We opted to leave our artificial one behind when we moved overseas, so we got a real one this time. I have to say I missed how great they smell and they just look cooler, right? I'm willing to deal with the needles for the next 3 years I guess. We got our tree from a place called "The Christmas Adventure." They had ice-skating, cross-country skiing, Santa, real reindeer (and a bipedal one pictured with Nate below), and numerous other Christmasy activities.

The tree in its new home!

Then last weekend we had a "Night in Bethlehem" at our ward party.
Nate thought he was dressed as Jesus.

Having our picnic dinner in our "tent" in Bethlehem!