Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dickens Festival

Since we are fans of Charles Dickens,

we decided to head to Grassington village for their annual Dickens Festival!

It is a old charming village with cobblestone streets and old buildings, which is why I think they chose to do the festival here.

This was the only guy who would actually smile for a photo.

More Dickensian characters

(i think i just invented a new word).

MmmMmm....roasted chesnuts....on an open fire...sing it with me!

Strangely dressed victorian singers.

Yet another English dude posing as....something bronze I guess.

The food was really yummy. Ben loves him some good fudge! Here are the boys trying to sneak some when no one was looking. Ben got tons!

They had lots of stalls like this throughout the village center. It was a fun day, but really crowded. (Also, note-to-self: strollers + cobblestone = frustration and mumbled explitives).

Overall, we enjoyed the experience!


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Steve and Donna said...

Awww.... this looks fun and very English. A bit chilly I bet.