Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowy Snow Days

England has been getting some unusually low temperatures due to a freak arctic wind from the north. So all that rain they usually get this time of year has become snow. Nate was one lucky kid and got 2 snow days and 1 early release from school due to the storms we've been having here.
Here is the happy kid on his first snow day!

The front yard (looking at the neighbor's house across the street).

Our back yard...and the snowman we should have built.
(I grew up in Florida, so my lame attempts at making a snowman with the boys will not be shown here).
They don't do much plowing and don't shovel the sidewalks, so getting Nate to school has been a challenge. Most of our neighbors only use brooms or teeny tiny shovels to clean off the driveway. They just aren't used to this much snow, so they don't have the resources. Here is a little video of Spencer and I going to pick up Nate on the early release day due to the blizzards. Enjoy.


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Steve and Donna said...

another fun post- we decided you need mush dogs to get to Nate's school! Yaw...