Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nate's Ninth

So this little guy just turned nine.
Which is weird, because I just had him.......nine years ago?!?
(cue the ugly crying)
And this is what a birthday looks like when you're 29 weeks pregnant
and you're like, here are some balloons and gifts for you that I ordered online.
You're welcome, child.
My mom guilt did turn on enough for me to make him a special cake though.
He likes video games or something.
Making this beastly thing turned me into a crippled mess
with an aching back by the end...

 but it was totes worth it to see his little face light up.
This kid.
Those dimples.
He is smart, funny, and full of life and challenges me in ways I never imagined.
Because sprinkle pancakes.
Instead of a party, he chose to go with the fam to what we call "Bullwinkles."
 We played mini golf in the blazing sun...
sweat like pigs (or piglets in his case)...
 ...and then the boys cooled off in the water bumper boats.
A posted sign said pregnant people were banished from enjoying the only refreshment from the heat.
Harrison enjoyed himself at first, but then decided he did not like being assaulted by cold water and commenced crying for the duration of the ride.
Then Nate put himself in a corner and his motor promptly died.
The boat people said time was up and motioned for everyone to bring the boats in, but little Nate just sat in the corner spraying water since it was the only thing on his boat that worked.
Eventually, a chivalrous teenage boat attendant rescued him and towed his boat in.
I don't think he minded.
Then we went out for lunch to the "dirty bird" per the birthday boy's request, and came home to demolish the xbox controller. And pass out.


robin marie said...

That cake is amazing!!

Steve and Donna said...

glad to see you are still using your cake skills. At first I thought it was real (no joke) Recognized the golf and water boats from a birthday before. 9 is divine :)

Linda said...

So glad you are publishing again. See how well I keep up:its the end of July and I'm just now seeing this .....