Sunday, December 1, 2013

When a Ninja turns 5...

The traditional birthday breakfast of sprinkle pancakes!
This kid wasn't excited at all for his 5th birthday.
He wasn't counting down for months and throwing fits when it was
"just too far away!"
He wasn't so excited for his first friend party that he was
literally shaking with anticipation before they arrived.
No, not this kid.
Because Spencer sincerely believes he is a ninja,
it seemed logical that he requested a ninja training party.
Once the ninjas-to-be arrived at the dojo,
Sensei Ben began their training...
They had to complete a ninja obstacle course to prove their stealth...
their skill throwing a ninja star...
 learn correct ninja moves...
 and master the art of breaking blocks with a single chop or kick...
 And after all successfully completed their ninja training,
we enjoyed some ice cream cupcakes courtesy of ColdStone Creamery.
 The next day (his actual birthday),
Aunt Audrey and Uncle Dan came over with Ginny for a combined birthday dinner and cake!
(since Audrey's birthday is 2 days earlier).
 I hope this ninja's birthday was worth the wait!

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andrea thompson said...

Spencer looks so happy :)