Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween part deuce

I just realized I forgot to post about these as well!
It was Harrison's first time experiencing a pumpkin, let alone carving!
He was a fan!
Ben takes his carving very seriously.
Every year we carve the pumpkins,
we have cider and donuts and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
(That is, when I remember)

 The boys actually helped de-gut the pumpkins this year!
Woo hoo! I am excited about this because Ben usually stays out of all that business...
you know, because of his fear of fruit flesh. ;)
I forgot to take pictures of the carved pumpkins, so this will have to do.
You can kind of see them on the right...oops.
And then there was the ward Harvest Party.
Ben wanted to do an Indiana Jones theme this year, so I obliged.
I figure this is the last year of a family why not.
They older boys just aren't feeling the group vibe these days.
It is the end of an era people.
Apparently only a select few people knew what I was supposed to be anyway...
 Marion Ravenwood.
The best guesses I got were...wait for it...
Miley Cyrus with her wrecking ball (Spencer was the "wrecking" ball I guess?)
 and a "dirty" Glenda from Wizard of Oz.
I was speechless. Seriously?!
I found an old and equally nasty wedding dress at Goodwill and altered it "a little."
And by "a little," I mean that I ripped off the pit-stained sleeves and
the entire bottom skirt and added some sheer fabric.
Marion was supposed to look "disheveled" after crawling around in a snake pit,
so added the appropriate dirt and shredded the bottom of the dress.
It was oddly therapeutic.
(Sorry previous wedding dress owner...but not really. That thing had it coming.)
"Rolling ball" Spencer had T-Rex arms the whole night, so by the end he was pretty frustrated.
I should have taken a picture of him trying to play the carnival games in that thing. It was hilarious.
When we got home, I let him smash it. He was pretty happy about that.
And Harrison was the head of the golden idol guy.
You can hardly see the face with the fabric all smushed, but I sewed it, yes I did.
For some crazy reason, this idol costume just isn't in high demand in stores?!
It was an adventure in sewing of epic proportions.
My kids will never forgive me for this.
Therapy fodder for sure.

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lkalder said...

You guys look fantastic as always! You have a gift, Amber. Hope the Pacific North West is treating you well. Miss you!