Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

I haven't really been in the mood to blog much lately (or had much time),
but I can at least upload some pics off of my phone!
1. Beautiful Washington Sunrise
2. Preschool cooking day "D" is for donuts. You know that's right! (insert Gus imitation here)
3. Children = Cheap labor
4. Harrison's bed head is reaching new heights...literally.
5. One way to clear out all your old bath toys!
6. Monster cookies...smells like Halloween!
Oh...and here are a few more phone dump images from a little weekend excursion.
 I love me a cool door.
 So does Harrison.
 Fun at the park/playground!
 Yeah, I let my children walk on railroad tracks.
I'm a rebel like that.
(ok was abandoned. don't worry mom.)
 Retro Gas...
 And a creepy retro gas lady.
I think we have a curse gift for finding creepy wax people.
 Cool horse sculpture....and a little present some joker left behind...
that Spence apparently can't take his eyes off of long enough to pose for my pic.
Either that, or the horse has a magical ability to poop.
 Hopefully I won't fall off the face of the earth again.
Halloween is a comin' after all!

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