Thursday, September 19, 2013

like a fox

Fox Hollow Farm baby!
I am doing preschool at home with Spence this year, and this week is the letter "C".
We learned all about chickens this particular day, 
so I decided at the last minute to take him to a farm with real chickens...
you know, cause who doesn't want to see a real chicken? 

It was pretty much the most beautiful location for a farm I've ever seen. 
It was smack between two tree-covered to a to the woods.
I'm pretty sure if you listened closely enough, you'd hear angels, really.

I mean, they had their own peacocks!
And...wait for it....
an albino peacock!
And you pretty much get a gold star in my book any time you have an albino anything.
True dat.
So here are the chickens we paid waaaaay too much to see...
and the photobombing goats.
Fortunately, there were lots of other bonuses to the farm...
First, they had wee little piggies...
some big ponies and miniature ponies...
a miniature village for miniature people...
(here is how the H-man feels about my picture taking)
miniature kitchens...
and some miniature chairs I wanted to steal admired...
(contrary to what this image may suggest, Harrison was having a glorious time)
and they even had miniature tractors.
So in case you missed it, this farm is well-equipped for the miniature peoples.
After all the little people fun, we headed to the horse stables.
Here is Spence getting a closer look...trying not to "scare" the horse he said.
Those are the eyes of an old soul.
Horses are such beautiful animals.
We found some baby kitties in the hay loft...
and a rope swing that had to be tried out.
The grounds reminded me of the old manor houses you could tour in England.
They had lots of wellies too!
While looking for more chickens, we found a train!
And last but not least, we finished the trip off with a pony ride.
The staff member guiding the horse was from London,
so that added to the whole "I'm pretending I'm in England" experience.
She said he was a natural.
His wellies didn't even fall off!
We discovered this little stream at the back of the farmhouse right before we left.
(I know what you are is just a belt loop you sicko...geesh)
...and also this needy sheep.

She kept coming really close and following us everywhere...
So logically, Spence decided to feed it.
 Such a happy, pretty little farm.
Who knew there could be so may perks looking for chickens?!


Jana said...

Wow! Just gorgeous! Now for me, that would be the life! A lot of hard work...but oh to raise my kids in a place like that....dreaming!

Steve and Donna said...

I love this place- maybe we can go on one of our visits :)

Brookel said...

wow, what an amazing find!

Kali Leenstra said...

I have always wanted to go to fox hollow. Those pictures are super cute. Next year I'm gonna have to do it.