Thursday, August 15, 2013

remains of summer

I realize it has been about a hundred years since I have posted anything, so I figured it was about time.
I'm feeling really lazy today, so the only way this is going to happen
 is if I refrain from saying too much about the pictures, so here ya go...
Little add to the ever growing rock collection.
Mud Mountain Dam
There were gaps in the floor boards which Harrison was very concerned about.
He walked around on his tip toes the whole time.
You can kind of tell in the photo above.
I think he may have inherited my fear of heights.

He likes pine cones.
My bike basket is the bomb.
 That poor kid needs a new bike. He was pedaling so fast to keep up with everyone on that little trike.
I took the boys to get slurpees afterwards because he was just so darn cute about it.

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Steve and Donna said...

love to see you outside- remember our famous Thompson bike rides :)