Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It is finished.

Two things you should know.
1. We may or may not have a dead mole on the property
2. Ben is super manly (and may have sprouted an extra chest hair for this feat)

Tell no one of what you have just learned.


robin marie said...

was there only one?? or will ben have to bust out his manly chest hair for the rest of the family? i bet they don't bother our yard because the grass is dead!

Amber said...

that IS the question robin! we have been ringing our hands and watching the yard verrrry closely since our mole met his maker. I wanted to do capture and release with the mole, but ben's caveman instincts took over and well, you know the rest.

Steve and Donna said...

yikes- this did make me smile in a random sort of way ;)

S Parke said...

Astonishment!!!!!! How? Train me please, but I'll get someone else to earn chest hair. I'm not interested in earning that.

Philippe said...

Nice! ;)