Wednesday, July 10, 2013

reunions and roadtrips

We took our first ever road trip as a party of 5, and 
drove down to Utah for a family reunion last week!
First stop....Boise, ID.
We drove 8 hours the first day and got there in the early evening.
We had a very Idaho-ian dinner at Chuck-O-Rama and then went swimming in the hotel pool!
Our hotel happened to be right across the street from the Boise Temple!
So the next day we decided to tour the "extensive" grounds before we headed out to Utah...
and by "extensive" I mean the parking lot was bigger.
(but still pretty)
The boys reflecting at the reflection pond.
Four hours of driving and one screaming baby later, we arrived in Utah!
The boy cousins hit it off right away.
Here they are shortly after building a fort on Joanne's front porch.
(they all screamed when I lifted the sheet to snap the pic)
Since we arrived a few days before the reunion, we did a short excursion to SLC the next day to see some old friends from BYU and see some more Temple Grounds...
this time, the Salt Lake version.
Sadly, we only made it this close. See the Temple spire in the background? 
Then we visited Ben's grandparents in Farmington and swam some more in their pool with Joanne's family.
And before you knew it, the reunion had commenced...
and we had more fun with water and cousins (not necessarily in that order).
 the boys played for hours on the trampoline like this...
and Harrison watched.
This was our boys' first time on a slip'n'slide.
Spencer's own personal water fountain.
Rare sighting....girl cousins.
Independence Day Festivities!
I was really bad about taking pictures the rest of the week, but here are a few from that evening...
Before we left, we had a chance to go down to BYU to show the boys the Alma Mater...
and a semi-naked Indian.
(he's a good substitute for Brigham, right?)
I must say the trip left us a bit unfulfilled since half of campus seemed 
to be completely dug up and under HUGE construction. 
Nothing looked the same....except the ice-cream.
We thought the BYU Creamery would be a great idea on a hot day...and apparently so did everyone and their dog ....and all the EFY kids in the universe.
Later that night, Harrison barfed. (sorry Joanne's couch)
It may or may not have been caused by aforementioned ice-cream.
And here is our attempt at a family photo for the Fourth of July/Reunion.
 And that was our week in a nutshell with the Godard Clan!
We sure miss you guys!

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Steve and Donna said...

looks like a fun summer in Utah- kids always have fun right? As long as there is ice cream and swimming :)