Thursday, July 18, 2013

mole wars

There is a mole in the Godard compound.
And no, I don't mean a double agent....
or a skin blemish. 
I am talking about this kind.
Scalopus aquaticus

Let's just say I have learned quite a bit about moles this past month...
and about the Pacific Northwest's philosophy on "wildlife."
(ever seen Portlandia? hehe)
Thanks to all the granolas around here,
I think they would rather invite Mr. Mole over for a spot of tea.

For instance, going to the local garden center,
I discovered that mole traps are out-lawed in Washington
(according to the Home Depot guy).
So basically, my only options were a granule repellent or these spike repellers.
Don't get me wrong, I am all for keeping my kids safe and keeping a low impact on the environment,
but I also want this thing to stop destroying my yard!
So I followed the H.D. guy's advice and got these sonic spikes.
Only time will tell if they work.
So far, Mr. Mole definitely doesn't like them...

Exhibit A:
1.His tunnels and molehills started in the flower bed. 2.By the second day he had moved to the edge of the lawn. 3.The third day, he made a molehill smack in the middle of the grass. (not pictured) 4.Then I saw the dirt breathing, so I added my own repellent in the form of cayenne pepper. 5. He definitely hated that and told me to suck it by digging two more huge holes right next to the pepper-covered ones.

Today we are on high alert.
I will be victorious! I will take back my land! (cue braveheart music)

It's either that, or ....

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