Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Prison Break

 Breaking news:  There has been an attempted escape by one Harrison Godard.
Don't let his innocent demeanor fool you,
he is more cunning and dangerous than he looks.
The attempted break happened two days ago, with Harrison pushing out
a screen from a front window to make his escape.
Sources report that his mother left the window cracked since it was a nice day,
and said child found his opportunity.
He waited until she was distracted in another room, and made his attempt.
The escape failed when the child's mother concluded that the eery silence meant
something sinister was afoot, and went to investigate the scene.
She entered hallway to find the child dangling half out the window,
his head and arms deep in the flower pot of tulips in front of the window.
He had pushed out the screen and decided to make a snack of the dirt 
and flowers (most likely getting some fuel before "going on the lam"). 
 Here is a shot that witnesses captured of the escapee shortly after the attempted break.
"This was a close one," sources say.
His family reported that this is not the first time Harrison
 has attempted escape from his confines 
(and probably won't be the last).

*Wardens will be watching for entire body tattoos of possible escape routes in the future...


robin marie said...

That little sneak!

Jana said...

I love your posts! Always so entertaining! Great spin on life's events. Can't wait to keep on reading!