Friday, April 19, 2013

one year!?!

We celebrated a certain anniversary of this little guy's birth last week!
I can't believe how fast this year went!
He now weighs in at 23 lbs, 30 inches long.
Here is a chronological view of the past case you missed it. Heh.
He has been such a blessing to our family.
He is super sweet and super curious about his world.
The doctors say his heart is doing well and
have slowed down his cardiologist appointments for the time-being.
We just love this little man.
Here he is with the traditional sprinkle pancakes Friday morning!
He almost loved the wrapping paper more than the gifts.
 And this is the gift mamma and daddy got for the little prince....
a chariot!
 You say bike trailer, I say chariot.
I've heard it both ways 
(thanks sean spencer)
And this is a glorious picture of the little man in all his helmet wearing glory!
Too cute.
I just love babies in helmets. They look like little mushrooms.
 Later that night, we had a mini-party for the mini-man and
invited his Aunt Audrey and cousin Ginny over!
All the blurry cousins together.
What is it with kids and wiggling?
At least I tried to get a good pic for grandma, right?
Here is the little prince with his ginormous cupcake!
This was the H-man's first experience with ever.
He wasn't sure what to do with it at first.
Maybe a nice hair pomade or hand exfoliant?
He caught on soon enough though...once he tasted the sugar!
now you must indulge me ...
since I survived the year too!
 GQ pose right there, baby.
I see his daddy in that little mischievous grin...
  Thanks for making our lives so sweet little man!
Happy ONE YEAR to you!


robin marie said...

Such a cutie!

I love the turquoise frosting!

Steve and Donna said...

oh... my... goodness.....
love the pictures! must have some right away or at least for Mother's Day please ;)

audrey said...

Liked the cousin pic and the bow ties! We love u Harry