Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy, you're fired.

 Nate has lost a million teeth this month.
(just so you know, a million = 8)
Here are a few shots to prove it.
And that's all fine and good except for the fact that our tooth fairy
 has had a hard time keeping up with this mass exodus of teeth.
And by hard time, I mean she started running out of cash
 and then actually forgot to come one of those times.

The Godard tooth fairy is now on notice.
Pull it together missy, or you're fired.
That is all.
Here is our little toothless wonder now!


Steve and Donna said...

tell Nate about writing that thank you note to the tooth fairy. His mom used to do that and she was pretty creative :)

Brookel said...

wow 8 teeth! is that some kind of record?