Monday, January 21, 2013

sheep stalker

well, people....
it's official. i am a stalker of the sheep.
it all started here.
i have been watching out for these baaaaad boys for a while now
(stop and take a moment to appreciate the sheep humor). 
i first spotted them last year when we moved in,
and was hoping they would make another appearance.
and they did! this time with lambs!
who has lambs in the middle of winter though, i'd like to know?
poor freezing baby lambs.
...or not.

that little guy looks pretty fuzzy.
maybe he is actually warm? who knows.
See, stalking can pay off!
(but in the non-human creepy version)
Now go get your binocs and some camo and you too
can stalk your way to happiness and pretty sweet photo ops!

1 comment:

Steve and Donna said...

where are these cuties? alitte reminder of England :)