Tuesday, August 21, 2012


little man finally had his second cardiologist appointment.
Here he is, peacefully waiting for his turn to be seen.
And here he is waiting topless for an Echocardiogram...
and making a snack of my hand.
He now measures 26 inches, and weighs in at 17lbs!
(he looks so umm 'healthy" is what we usually hear...ahem)
 (sorry for the blurry camera phone pictures...I am a victim of convenience)
Harrison was so much more wiggly this time around.
They decided to do another echo at this appointment since his next check-up will be around 8 months...
which means even more mobility = harder time sitting still for tests. 
Finally, Dr. Kaper gave me the results.
She said there had been no significant change from his last check-up.
His numbers went from a 25 to a 26.
I admit when I first heard her say "no change" my heart sank.
But she explained it like this...
Harrison will always have the stenosis
but as long as the valve continues to grow with his body,
they hope to avoid any invasive surgical procedures in the future.
So basically, no change is a good thing.
There was also no muscle increase in the right ventricle 
(which would indicate stress on the heart from having to work harder
 to get blood to pass through the stenosed valve).
We are not out of the woods yet though...
we will be back again in 4 months to see how his heart does
with his next growth spurt.
I just have to say, I am so grateful for priesthood blessings.
And so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder in my home.
I know Harrison's heart was strengthened because of it.
Be. grateful. for. your. health.
It is so easy to take for granted until you don't have it any more.
Every day is a gift.
 What a blessing this sweet little boy has been in our home.
It has only been about 4 months, but his sweet spirit has been such a calming 
and happy influence in our family already.
We love him to the moon.
You may notice H man is now sporting the oh so manly 
{bubble beard}.
It's mantastic, no?.
This has resulted due to the fact that Harrison likes to pretend he is
a motor boat.
Raspberries are his best trick.
See for yourself here...
(go to bottom to pause music first)
Now go create a bubble beard of your own!
You know you want to...


Coordination Queen said...

He is such a darling little boy!

Steve and Donna said...

we love little Harrison too- bubble beard and all :)

The Thompson Family said...

I'm glad things are okay for little Harrison. I will keep him in my prayers. He is so sweet!! I truly miss him. Give him a kiss for me. :)

Jana said...

Our little Gavin (who's 4 now) has pulmonary stenosis, that is associated with his William's syndrome. I completely understand, hear and echo your feelings in this post. So glad your little guy is doing well. He is adorable!!