Friday, August 17, 2012

Thompson Family Circus

Come one, come all!
Step right up and take a gander at the Thompson Family Circus 2012!
 We just returned from a week-long family circus reunion
(with my side of the crazies) in Oregon.
It was held at a sahweet cabin up near Mt. Hood.
 There were lots of dead things inside.
 One of our first excursions was to the trout farm!
Here is how it went (side note- this was my boys' first time fishing ever)

                Spencer's response.                                    Nate's response.
                   Spencer's attempt                                 Nate's attempt.
               Spencer's catch.                                     Nate's catch.
 See a theme here?
just felt like throwing this one cute!
 Ben even joined the fish catching madness and caught us a delicious bass...
(hehe  it was actually a trout)
He also insisted on the guts picture.

And now for those who still haven't walked out on the circus,
here is a reunion highlight/montage of the extravaganza!

I just came across these as I was uploading images from the reunion and I just have one question for whomever took these...
 My lovely sister, Andrea, took these.
I just felt like including the last one since it looked like the drawing of us on the blog header,
even though it reveals what big nerds we are
(like it was a secret). 

 For real,
how can you not have a circus with this bunch of clowns!
Love you guys!


robin marie said...

Lucky! Gosh!

Rachel said...

How awesome! Family reunions are the best.

Brookel said...

looks like it was tons of fun! love the dead animals, we had a ton of those at our reunion too. i also love your picture layouts, what program do you use for all your cute words and arrows you put on there?

Steve and Donna said...

I'm still laughing :)

Amber said...


i usually just use a photo editing program like photoshop or gimp. ;)