Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Independence Day

Because I am always prepared...
I forgot to charge my camera batteries,
so you get to enjoy these "stellar" camera phone images!
Neighborhood Parade.
All the kids decorate their bikes.
 We had never been before since we just moved in,
so I didn't know the route.
I didn't want Nate to get lost or be out of sight too long...
so I ended up having to chase him the whole time.
My very own one-woman marathon!
Good times.
Much needed snow cones after the bike parade...
Who knew flip flops would be so hard to run in?!
 Not sure what her crusty is for...
bad ice?
 Classic Spence.

See...I WAS there!
puttin' out the vibe.
Now the main event...
 Harrison seemed to enjoy the lights...
but not so much the noise.
(and that darn doggy is always trying to steal his pacifier!)
Super heroes and pyrotechnics...
that's how we roll!
 Happy Fourth errbody!


Brookel said...

i hope to live where they do a bike parade someday, that's so fun! happy 4th!

andrea thompson said...

Harrison's eyes are amazing!

The Thompson Family said...

I can't believe how many kids you have in your neighborhood...that's a dream! I loved that the kids arrived in style for the fireworks. Harrison is just adorable!!! :)