Thursday, December 1, 2011

London Town

During the 3 day weekend for Thanksgiving, we decided to take one last trip down to London before we make the big move across the pond in a week!100_0775100_0777edit
1.waiting for the train to London, 2.giant Lego Christmas tree at King’s Cross station, 3.Harry Potter platform, 4.outside our hotel next to the London Eye, 5.Harrod’s, 6.another Lego masterpiece at Harrod’s, 7.Big Ben and little Ben, 8.Parliament at night!
Buckingham Palace
We went to see the famous “Changing of the Guard,”
but unfortunately they weren’t doing it because of some issue…grrr!
1.Palace guard in his winter uniform, 2.Palace gates, we got around, 4.the guy who invented Wellies?, 5-6.Sherlock Holmes Museum, 7.Santa, 8.carnival ride
We happened upon the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland…
it was a German-run carnival in the middle of the park.
Once the boys saw it, there was no turning back!
Here we are getting them their first cotton candy.100_0822
Can you see the enjoyment on their faces? 
Don’t think they’ll be having the ‘candy floss’ again any time soon! 100_0907
Last sunset by the London Eye before we head home to our hotel for the night and back to Yorkshire the next morning.
Bye for a while London!  Thanks for showing us a good time.
We will be back again some day…


Coordination Queen said...

Love that you got to go hang out in London for the weekend. I want to go back. Definitely did not get enough time in England.

Steve and Donna said...

love the sights of London and the boys faces at seeing the cotton candy- I'm still laughing :)

Brookel said...

wow, great pictures, are you feeling sad about leaving? just looking at these few pictures i can imagine it's going to be hard to come back to the boring old states. :)

Amber said...


I am actually looking forward to coming back...but I will miss certain things about England.