Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Boy

We started the day off with donuts (at Spencer’s request)…
(these are extra special ones from Krispy Kreme.
England doesn't really do donuts well, but at least they have these imports!)
Mmmm…nom nom nom.100_0756Then we opened gifts that same morning.  I was going to have him wait until later, but Ben being the softy that he is, let Spence open them first thing so he could play with them the whole day!  What a guy.
Then after the birthday extravaganza and much later after the turkey dinner….
we had cake and ice cream!100_0765
Ok, so Spence requested a Lego cake this year.  (ahem...those are supposed to be giant Legos).  For some reason the frosting decided to be lame, which resulted in a cake FAIL.  So Ben had a great idea to plop some real Legos in the middle to “distract” from the umm…awesomeness of the cake.  I think it worked because Spencer didn’t cry when he saw it.100_0767
Lighting of the candles and singing of Birthday song…
and may I just note...that no, 
we don’t wear pajamas ALL day  (contrary to what these images suggest).
Here is Spencer mocking my cake decorating skills.  Just kidding.
100_0769100_0772I tried putting a bib on Spence to “limit” the amount of destruction and mayhem, but he wasn’t having it.  
He is a big 3 year-old now, after all.
Picnik collage
…And this is how we roll at the Godard house.  
Who needs forks when you can use your fists!


Steve and Donna said...

Very fun- was anxious to see the pictures of cars, pj's and the cake! I know Spencer was one happy guy!

Brookel said...

i think the cake looks great! and way to go with a whole thanksgiving dinner AND a birthday, I might have fainted from stress if it were me. :)