Monday, September 5, 2011

This one's for you Dad...

well, sort of.

We recently helped host a friend's little boy's birthday party
 (lots of possessive apostrophe dropping here), 
and I got to make my very first ever

And since the theme was a "Lil' Man Mustache Bash,"
the only appropriate object was, well, a giant mustache!

So thanks Dad, 
for staying up late after long days at work,
 year after year,
pain-stakingly making us piñatas for our birthdays!
I loved watching you do it and thanks to you,
now I'm crazy enough to attempt making one of my own!
A little bit of cardboard, some paper mache...
and tons and tons of yellow crepe paper
(plus hours of cutting till your fingers are crippled into a claw),
 and you've got yourself a mustache!

And just in case you aren't as enamored of the piñata as me,
here are some more images from the day...
{image has been censored for delicate viewers who are not partial to statue bums.}
 You. are. welcome.
 The gang.
Dade, the birthday boy!
 And then the beating of my poor little mustache commenced...
 Who would think that such small people, could create so much carnage...
The aftermath and demise of the mustache.
 And the collecting of said mustache contents.
Animals, I tell you.  


Jessica Munk said...

Beautiful moustache!! Wow that was amazing! You need to put a tutorial on here in the event that I might want to do that some day! :)

lkalder said...

Amber, You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thank you so much for ALL the hours of prep work you put into this party. We all had a great time and now I am forever indebted to you!!

Steve and Donna said...

There you go again- being all creative! Great job on the pinata

xoxo, andrea said...

that is awesome!

The Thompson Family said...

That's so nice Amber! I loved the lemonade cup presentation! You are really talented! :) Phil is the one that makes the pinatas in our house, so he was really impressed with your mustache pinata. ;)

Brookel said...

So fun! Did you do all the decorations too? I loved the cupcake toppers, especially with Dade's head on them :)