Sunday, August 21, 2011


Some friends of ours suggested Beamish Living Museum this weekend,
so we went out for an adventure...
 It is in the Durham area, which used to be a coal mining town...
 Here is Ben and friends checking out one of the coal factories.
 ice cream. enough said.
 Tea anyone?
 Lovely lady making scones for the tea spread...
 It's true.  I bet you didn't know.
 Ready for school! (I wish)
 It totally reminded me of something from Anne of Green Gables.
Except I'm bummed I didn't get to act out any slate breaking scenes
over Ben's head while I was there.
(go here at minute 1:49).
Maybe next time.
 Waiting in the queue...
 for this old bloke.
 Nate was excited to be 'a top the double decker tram...
 as was Spence.
 See....I AM in pictures some times!
 Mmmmm, candy.
Here is a nice shopkeeper explaining about how they played football
back in the day, and how the football cleats worked.

She said because the balls were made of thin leather,
if it rained (which in England it inevitably does), 
you could break your foot kicking the ball when it was waterlogged.
 Come again?  Could someone explain "medical gymnastics" to me?
 It sounds amazing.
 This one's for you dental Dan!
Old dentist tools and chair.
 I think I'd rather have my teeth rot out, thank you.
No foot powered drills for me.
 Yes, those are teeth.
 Some Victorian era rooms...
 That steam train left a nice cloud of smoke for those people on the bridge. 
 I bet they loved it.
 Ummm yeah, we caved and let the boys take a spin
 on the carousel before we left.
...and yes, I am sooo mature that I went on it with them.
Good times.

p.s.- check out Spencer's awesome face.


Philippe said...

Great pics. England is such a cool place. Looks like you guys had fun.

Steve and Donna said...

looks like another fun place you found and you always dress so lovely ;)

Rachel said...

I really want to try "medical gymnastics" now... :)

Steve said...

Amber - your blog posts keep cracking me up ! Big smiles !!! love Dad

Coordination Queen said...

Your trips make me want to go back and spend a few months just traveling around England!