Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Ever After Castle

{a.k.a. Chateau d'Amboise}
 in the Loire Valley.
The "real" Ever After Castle.
It was where Leonardo DaVinci spent the last years of his life,
at the invitation of King of France, Francois I.

The gorgeous grounds...

The start of many vineyards to come...
Part of the amazing view from the castle.
French village below...
(can you spot the nun?)
someone's yard I liked...
The church on the castle grounds where Leonardo DaVinci was buried...
I love the way stained glass reflects light.  So beautiful!
Leo's grave.
We headed back to town to get the car and move on to see Leonardo's house...
 "Godard" is a French name...and they even spelled it with one 'D'!
We've arrived at Leonardo's home at the last 3 years of his life,
Le Close Luce.
Leonardo and the King Francois I, were close friends.
 Francois invited him to live at Close Luce
 near his palace to stay and work for him.
This painting hangs next to Leonardo's bed.
Francois and Leonardo had become so close, 
it is said that the King held Leonardo's head in his hands as he died.
The museum had a great seek and find game for kids.
(which is what the papers they are holding are)
Nate really got into it.
Leonardo was crazy smart and they displayed life-size recreations of many of his
 inventions all over the grounds outside his home.
The boys had a blast...
here they are in Leonardo's version of "the tank."
He was a man truly ahead of his time!

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Steve and Donna said...

fun to see again and great shots!