Monday, July 18, 2011

A break from France

You are probably tired of hearing about France, 
so here is something to break up the posting.
Nate just got his first ever Report from school!
I realize that this probably won't interest anyone other than me and Ben,
but I am posting this to at least document it for myself and Nate.
Here are his marks (or check marks I guess). 
He did a great job!
He only scored below in writing (so we'll work on that this summer),
and in "Knowledge and Understanding of the World."
Guess we need to invest in a globe, 
although his teacher said he had great knowledge of his"home country", 
whatever that means.
He scored above his age in "Problem Solving, Numeracy & Reasoning." 
Hmmm...possible future architect here?  
(He just won't know where he is building anything.)
He even got a little note from the Head Teacher!
Way to go Nate...we're so proud of you.
You survived your first year of school!

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Steve and Donna said...

we are proud of Nate too:)
Tell him for us(thanks)